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#UGDecides: ‘The adhoc committee is yet to present its findings’ – Dean of Student Affairs on election petitions

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Following calls for the transition roadmap for the newly elected UGSRC executives, Dean of Student Affairs, Professor Bokpin has urged all stakeholders to remain calm as the committee set up to look into election petitions is yet to submit its findings.

In the last three weeks, pressure has mounted on the Dean of Student Affairs to provide the way forward for the limbo the Student Representative Council finds itself.

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The UGSRC executive elects, thus Prince Asumadu, president-elect and his vice Wisdom Ndukwe, General Secretary elect Stephanie Naadu Antwi, and Daniel Obeng Asamoah the treasurer-elect have submitted at least three petitions to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Academic and Student Affairs and the Vice-Chancellor requesting the Dean to be brought to order, and among other things provide a transitional map.

The Dean of Students Affairs in an exclusive interview with UniversNews has asked for all stakeholders to be patient until the seven-member committee put together by his office submits their findings.


The transitioning and or handing over process to newly elected executives for the 2021/2021 academic year for the University of Ghana Student Representative Council had halted, due to election petitions before the UGSRC Judicial Board and the seven-member committee formed by the Dean of Student Affairs to look into allegations of irregularities and improprieties that occurred during the 2021 UGSRC election.

Students of the University of Ghana went to the polls on Wednesday, October 20, 2021, to elect new executives for the UGSRC.

At the end of polls on the day, Stephanie Naadu Antwi was declared General-Secretary and Daniel Obeng Asamoah as the treasurer-elect by the UGSRC Electoral Commission.

However, the date for the presidential runoff had to be scheduled between the two leading presidential candidates Samuel Amos Ofosu and Prince Asumadu. This was because none of the four presidential candidates secured the 50% + 1 threshold.

Prince Asumadu together with his running mate Wisdom Ndukwe, who trailed behind in the first phase of the elections mounted a huge comeback in the run-off elections by garnering 7,647 votes representing 51.6% of valid votes cast to emerge as President and Vice President elects respectively.

Samuel Amos Ofosu popularly known as Nana B, who led in the first phase of the elections lost by obtaining a total of 7,156 votes representing 48.3% of valid votes cast.

The Nana B team submitted a petition to the Office of the Dean of Students Affairs and the Judicial Board citing irregularities that occurred at the various polling station and an investigation into the matter be conducted.

Some Presiding Officers (Electoral Commissioners of the Halls of Residence) also submitted petitions alleging some inconsistencies and instances of over-voting at their polling station.

The 2nd Deputy UGSRC Electoral Commissioner, Boaz Tsumasi also wrote a petition saying that he did not append his signature to the final declaration sheet of the UGSRC ECs. Also, he alleged that his signature on the declaration sheet was forged.


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