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#UGDecides: Judicial Board sacks SRC ECs for ‘willfully’ disobeying court orders

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The Judicial Board of the University of Ghana Students’ Representative Council (UGSRC) has sacked the three Electoral Commissioners (ECs) who conducted the 2021 SRC elections for disobeying court orders.

According to the Chief Justice, Regina Akpaloo, the actions of the Commissioners constitute ‘willful’ disobedience of the orders of the Court and gross disregard of the authority of the board.

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The Commissioners, namely Chairperson Henry Ackon, first and second Deputies, Bright Siaw and Boaz Twumasi respectively have been shown the door, with immediate effect, after the threesome were cited guilty of contempt of court.

This comes at the backdrop of EC’s decision to disregard the board’s verdict delivered on December 10, 2021, which among others annulled the results of the manual elections organized at Mensah Sarbah, Akuafo Halls and enjoined the EC to organize fresh elections for affected level 200 & 300 residents.

“Therefore its [EC] actions of the 15th of December, 2021, constitutes willful disobedience of the orders of the
Court. Based on Article 2(4) of the 1992 Constitution and other authorities stated supra, the Judicial Board is hereby removing the Current Electoral Commissioners from office effective immediately,” Her Ladyship Apkaloo wrote in a statement.

In the six paged statement sighted by Univers News, the Board referenced authoritative written work from the Ghanaian legal space to defend the contempt of court raised against the SRC Electoral Commissioners.

The Chief Justice relied on the case of Republic v. Bank of Ghana & Others; Ex parte Duffuor, sought to define contempt by citing Oswald, the case of Republic v. Sito I; Ex parte Fordjour {2001-2002} SCGLR 322.

Using the case of the Republic v. High Court of Accra; Ex parte Laryea Mensah {1995/1996} SCGLR 360 in which the Supreme Court held that in order for an action or in action of a person to amount to contempt of court, the board deducted that the Commission is guilty of willful disobedience or guilty of willfully violating a specific order or judgment.

The board further ordered the SRC Executive Committee (EXECOM) to appoint an interim Electoral Commission to conduct elections at the designated polling stations by Friday December 24, 2021 else leading candidates
in the current polls will have to be sworn in before the end of the academic year.

Five days after the verdict of the University of Ghana SRC Judicial board on the Election petition, the Electoral Commission noted in a statement that ‘it will not conform to the ruling and directives of the ‘SRC Judicial Board’.

The Commissioners said they ‘still’ expect the report of a committee set up by the Dean of Students’ Affairs to investigate irregularities and improrieties that occurred during the 2021 SRC elections.

Story by: Eli Djomekou & John Kaledzi Collins |universnewsroom.com


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