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#UGDecides: Endorsements speak volumes but the job ‘dey’ grounds – Abdul Salam tells presidential candidates

Acting Head of Academic Affairs of the University of Ghana Students Representative Council (UGSRC), Abdul Salam is warning the two presidential candidates in the run-off elections, Samuel Amos Ofosu popularly known as Nana B and Prince Asumadu, to avoid being complacent after receiving several endorsements from student groups and activists as they round up their campaign ahead of the run-off elections scheduled for Friday, October 29, 2021.

In an interview on Campus Exclusive, Abdul Salam entreated the two candidates to be laser-focused in getting electorates to turn up at various polling stations across campus to cast their ballot in their favor.

“Nobody should be complacent to believe that an endorsement can give him the massive support or votes that he needs. The job “dey” grounds. Endorsements are fine, endorsements speak volumes but the job is on the ground. If you are complacent and you don’t campaign – you are not on the grounds to actually get the people to vote, it will surprise you that the people that perhaps do not have any sought of endorsement who are working really, getting closer to the people, who are planning to getting the people to come and vote perhaps might be able to win the elections” he emphasized.

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This year’s UGSRC elections have witnessed a record high number of endorsements from groupings and student activists within and outside the University community.

The latest to join the fray is the General Secretary elect of the University of Ghana Student Representative Council (UGSRC) Stephanie Naadu Antwi who threw her weight behind Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, Prince Asumadu and Wisdom Ndukwe ahead of the elections.

In an endorsement video sighted by UniversNews, Stephanie Naadu-Antwi urged the student body to vote for Team Asumadu and Ndukwe stating that the university needs leaders who are competent and transparent.

“Leaders who are willing to put everything on the line to make sure students are served. That is why I, Stephanie Naadu-Antwi is vouching for Prince Asumadu and Wisdom Ndukwe as the UG-SRC president. If you believe in the Naadu factor, then kindly join me rally solidly behind Prince Asumadu and Wisdom Ndukwe”.

Former Treasurer Candidate, Abdul – Rashid Abdul – Razak also in a video established his support for Prince Asumadu and Wisdom Ndukwe.

He urged the student body to vote for the team stating that they are poised to “make the SRC work again”.

Former presidential candidates, Felix Ayittah and Priscilla Asantewaa Ayeh, who came third and fourth respectively in the first phase of the elections which was held on Wednesday, October 20, 2021, have also thrown their weight behind Samuel Amos Ofosu and Mr. Acquah.

The run-off elections are expected to be held on Friday, October 29, 2021, and be between Team Samuel Amos Ofosu Aand Alfred Acquah and Team Prince Asumadu and Wisdom Ndukwe who are number 1 and 2 respectively on the ballot paper and screen.


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