#UGDecides: Address ‘irregularities’ that occurred at Sarbah, Akuafo Halls and UGCS – Team Nana B


Presidential candidates Samuel Amos Ofosu and Alfred Acquah during the 2021 University of Ghana Students’ Representative Council (UG SRC) have indicated that their team is looking forward to a probe into ‘irregularities’ that occurred at two polling stations and the school’s Computing Systems.

Campaign Manager of the team, Daniel Nana Yaw Obeng believes the elections at the Akuafo Hall polling station was characterized by over-voting whilst at Mensah Sarbah there is a need to establish an irregularity due to over-voting or stealing of ballot box.

According to him, the team will use all means possible in ensuring that their issues are addressed.

“The over-voting at Akuafo hall should be addressed as well as the irregularities at Mensah Sarbah hall; whether it was over-voting or the ballot box was stolen. Those results cannot be accepted as well as the online results. We on the other hand are saying that these are the issues with the elections therefore action should be taken. No matter what ‘action’ looks like, it will be up to those in charge and whatever propriety will be adopted to correct this particular irregularity,” he said.

Further speaking, he argued that the 2021 elections are inconclusive irrespective of the declaration of the official results by the SRC Electoral Commission on November 1, 2021.

He maintained that there is no presidential candidate was ‘duly’ elected considering the contention of the results from some polling stations.

“We think that an administration that has expired should hand over to the next administration but then there should be the next administration in the first place. Therefore at a point where it has not been established that a team has won, how will the handing over take place? At the moment the election results are hugely in contention so if the election hasn’t concluded how do we move on?” he stated.

Concerns are being raised by a section of students on the arrangements for an official handing over to the newly elected executives as stipulated by the SRC Constitution.

The outgoing SRC executives revealed that a handing over ceremony will be held only within five days after the ruling of the Judicial Board on an election petition.


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