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UG: We’ll work to bring back academic points for student athletes – Sports Council Secretary

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Newly sworn-in University of Ghana Student Sport Council General Secretary, Abdul Somed Yussif has pledged to ensure that student-athletes are awarded academic points and awards for representing the University.

This follows calls for the University management to introduce a policy that will reward student athletes academic points or awards when they represent the University in competitions.

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Speaking on the Sports Express show, Mr. Abdul Somed Yussif explained that, before his admission into the university, there were awards or sports credits given to student athletes for their participation in sports for the school but he personally has not received any.

He added that, consultations with the heads of the Sports Directorate has drawn his attention to work to bring back the awards or academic points for the student athletes.

“Before we came in 2018, I understand there was this awards or thing they call SPAC, where when student participate for the school or go for trainings, they have some sports credit they take for that, but since we came, I haven’t received anything of that kind. But you know our Senior men, just like Dr. Montie, Coach Walter and Mr. Acheampong, they drew my attention to that after the meeting, that when they came, they started the SPAC thing and since then, they keep on training actively  for the sports but haven’t seen anything of the sought. So, it will be very nice if we try harder and push to know the way forward and what has caused it to stop.”

“So yes, the SPAC, we are going to work on that for students to get awarded for participating in sports.”




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