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UG: Students contend with ‘dumsor’ as exams progress

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Students of the University of Ghana are contending with incessant power outages on campus as examinations progress.

The students, who have already described the semester as a “stressful one” due to the modular system adopted by the university, say the situation is greatly affecting them.

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For three consecutive days, there have been power outages on campus; compelling them to resort to the use of torchlights and flashlights of their mobile phones to study prior to their respective papers.

This is negatively affecting the students as they express worry over the impact of the power fluctuations on their academic performance when results are eventually released.

“It’s just unfortunate that the light went off when we were seriously studying…some of us planned for the night…we slept in the afternoon so that we can have enough energy to study in the evening but unfortunately for us we came to study and prepare for our exams and the light went off” a Biochemistry student told UniversNews.

Other students also noted that despite their struggles during this examination week, lecturers have already printed their questions and would not suspend the papers.

They are also demanding generators to be powered inside the various halls when there is a power outage on campus.

“I don’t know why the plant is not also on because we pay for it. This[power outages] is really affecting us. By now I’m sure the questions have been set for the exams and the is nothing like changing the questions or something because we couldn’t learn or something and this is really affecting us because we are all using electrical gadgets. This has to be curbed” one student who gave his name as Benjamin emphasized.

The modular system saw students of the University of Ghana use six weeks of hitherto thirteen weeks to study various academic courses.



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