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UG: Regulate use of minors for dissemination of political adverts – Senior Lecturer tells government

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Senior Lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School, Dr Kobby Mensah has called on the government to initiate steps towards the introduction of policies in regulating the use of young persons in the dissemination of political adverts.

He explained that in the course of these activities, minors are exposed to ‘demeaning’ public comments as well as the devastating effects of cyberbullying hence a need to guarantee their welfare and protect their dignity.

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He made this known in an interview with Univers News.

“During General Elections, the use of minors and vulnerable people has been increasing steadily over the years and as such it is incumbent on the state and relevant institutions to craft appropriate policy measures to guide the space and suggest remedial measures which need to be applied should the welfare and dignity of those involved in the political adverts of the various political parties be infringed upon judging by the response their participation generates from the target audience of these adverts,” Dr. Kobby Mensah stated.

His comments come at the back of reports suggesting a predominant use of young persons by political parties in a bid to propagate the message contained in its Manifesto. A case has been made for the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections.

Further speaking, Dr Mensah reiterated the significance of the regulatory policies at a time numerous manual operations are being moved online following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with the global digitalisation drive.

“ The downside of this development is that because huge social media platforms are not owned locally, the revenues generated by local media companies through political advertising is fast diminishing and subsequently threatening the sustainability of jobs in the traditional media industry,” he added.



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