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UG: Athletes urged to solicit for policy that awards academic scores after representing University

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Clinical Psychologist at the University of Ghana Career and Counseling Center has urged student athletes to start a negotiation with the University management to introduce a policy that will reward the athletes academic points when they represent to the University in competitions.

Most University of Ghana athletes have complained that they under-perform in academics due to their involvement in sports.

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But Rev Anthony believes the athletes deserve more for their sacrifices.

Speaking at a seminar dubbed “Career Prospects in sports” at the Central Cafeteria, he said ” when you sacrifice the more you loose at another side.”

“Even if you’re very intelligent, sometimes when you put your effort one side, same way some how you loose in the other.

“Not that I know in UG but you can start from our generation.” he added

He also made reference to policies, other Universities have implemented and added that University of Ghana can follow suit.

“This is what University Education Winneba did  when I was teaching there and I’ll use the Home Econs department.”

“If you are a Home Econs student and there’s a University program, and opt to go and serve, or to cook or do anything for the University, you are given 3 credits points for the semester,which we can start here.”

“You are as many as enough to for a quorum. Sometimes the problem is from us, we always think about the cash we get. Sometimes you push the authorities to think that’s what you’re interested in so they have given it to you.”

“So if we can form a quorum, and let authorities know that we are sacrificing so much. You could be studying something but you are here training and drilling your body.”

“So what you want is what will be given to you. So i think you can start the negotiation.”

The University of Ghana athletes are camp preparing ahead of the 2022 GUSA Games to be held in Kumasi.


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