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UG: All accommodation secured due to introduction of modular system becomes invalid – Head of Halls

Head of Halls of the University of Ghana, Dr Charles Wiafe Akenteng has revealed that all accommodation secured due to the introduction of the modular system becomes invalid at the end of the 2020/2021 academic year.

He reiterated that the decision was made known to the affected residents at the time they were filing their residential applications.

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In an interview on our morning show, Campus Exclusive, he, however, noted that students who were residents before the introduction of the modular system will retain their residential status.

“Students who were residents before covid-19 will not have to register for their halls again. I am talking about Level 300 and 400 students for the next academic year. Level 300 and 400 non-resident students who were awarded residential statuses due to the modular system will lose it,” He said.

Dr Wiafe Akenteng added that twenty out hundred per cent of the remaining accommodation spaces will be opened for all level 200 students (moving from level 100 to 200) to reapply in light of the 2021/2022 academic year.

Third and final year students (moving from level 200 to 300 and level 300 to 400) have been allocated 10% each out of the remaining 100% accommodation spaces that will be opened for application as well.

The remaining 60% out of the 100% accommodation spaces available will be reserved for newly admitted students (Level 100) from which they will apply.

“All Level 200 students will apply again, they need to visit the portals to register, now for the next academic year, Level 200s have been given 20% of available bed space, they will go online to apply for it and same applies to level 300 and 400 non-residents students (who wish to apply for halls) they have been given 10%, bringing the total to 40% the remaining 60%  is reserved for level 100 student who will start in January,” He added

Modular system

University authorities have explained that the decision to run a modular system for the 2020/2021 academic year is a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Mrs Lydia Nyarko-Danquah, who is the head of the teaching and examinations unit at the Academic Affairs Directorate, in an earlier interview told UniversNews that the decision was aimed at reducing COVID-19 spread among members of the University community.

“We are running the double-track because we care about our students’ health. Covid is with us and we cannot take it for granted. We are running it so we keep to the protocols, keep our students safe and make sure that our students also get the quality that they need,” Mrs. Nyarko-Danquah said.

The introduction of the modular system enabled management to admit more students into the available facilities.



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