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PIAC charges gov’t to empower GRA to operationalize railway lines to increase revenue

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The Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC) has charged the government to empower the Ghana Railway Authority (GRA) to operationalize the railway airlines boost the revenue needed for the country.

The committee made this call during the inspection of some oil-funded projects in the Greater Accra region.

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PIAC indicated that the delay in operationalizing the completed works on the railway lines will lead to their deterioration hence costing the country a lot in getting them fixed.

“When we asked the project engineers, we were told that before they start operating the lines again, they would have to do some fixing again in order to ensure we have a very strong railway line for us to operate. At the moment they are not operating at that particular line even though we are told that for the Takoradi lines they are operating but for the Accra lines for several reasons they are not operating them at the moment.

So, both the platforms and the lines that we are talking about have been completed but not yet no action in terms of operation of the railway lines and that we think it not helping a lot because, as we are not operating it at the moment wear and tear is setting in and very soon, we may have to redo these at a higher cost. So, we think that the maintenance regime for both the platforms and the railway lines has to be a very good one and the government may have to take extra steps to ensure that we don’t see a railway line that degenerates so much in the future.”

The Vice-Chairman of PIAC, Nasir Alfa Mohammed charged the government to strengthen the Ghana Railway Authority so that they can operationalize the railway systems in Accra.

“To do so, we will only call on the government to ensure that the railway company is empowered. As quickly as possible they should resolve all the issues that are holding them back from using the railway line to ensure that we use it so that we can generate the needed revenue.” Nasir Alfa Mohammed charged.


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