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Nana B writes: Students need hope, not propaganda!

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I always believe that if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader. It is in this firm belief and in my understanding of Jeremiah 29:11 that I decided to run for the office of President for the University of Ghana SRC.

I took this step because I believe in the ability of the SRC as a body to bring hope and comfort to students. The many successful programs, initiatives, and advocacy of our SRC over the years are testament to that fact.

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The strategic way in which our SRC was able to maintain the integrity of structures and function in the face of a global pandemic continues to be a significant example of why the University of Ghana is the Premier University.

The SRC is at a crucial point. The ravages of Covid 19 and many other challenges put us and the Council in a unique situation.

There is a lot of interest in who takes over from the current administration.

I saw about 13 friends throw their hats into the ring to contest for the various positions of the SRC. Fast forward, two presidential teams remain in the race. My good friend, Prince Asumadu, and comrade from the Elizabeth Frances Sey Hall, Wisdom Ndukwe remain the only contenders to Mr. Alfred Acquah (Starboy) and myself.

The run-off that took place on the 29th of October 2021, was fraught with irregularities, rigging, and pockets of unnecessary violence. The main perpetrator of these irregularities were two members of the Electoral Commission. My belief in God tells me that all evil plans against the righteous come to not.

Immediately, as the SRC Constitution demands, my team petitioned the Judicial Board and the Dean of Students. This petition received widespread support from all interest groups on campus (Commonwealth Hall JCR, Mensah Sarbah JCR, and even members of the EC itself, among others)

The Judicial Board has shown leadership and intellectual dexterity with remarkable courage in their coming to ensure the good residents of Akuafo Hall and Sarbah Hall have their votes and voice in this election protected. The ruling of the Board represents the first time an election petition has been successful.

We await the arrangement of the re-voting at these polling stations.

The Dean of Student Affairs has also taken the extra step in setting up an ad-hoc committee to investigate the happening of the election day and give recommendations that will help the SRC in the future.

One can understand that, during any closely contested and exciting election, the strongest of emotions of candidates and their followers come to bear. SRC elections of the University of Ghana have been no different over the years.

This race has been no different. The levels of interest in the election from both internal and external actors have been arguably unprecedented.

What has been sad and unhealthy in this year’s UG SRC race is the deliberate discrediting and undermining of respected structures and personalities of the University by one side of the UG student political divide.

I have always stood for fair play, respect for each other, and fidelity to service and integrity. That is why, in the operation and structure of my campaign team, I recruited the best of people with integrity and a sense of respect and decency. We desisted from using propaganda, malicious publications, and libelous comments, and a disingenuous appeal to emotions to get votes and attention. We told the truth and worked hard to campaign and sell the Hope message.

I felt and still feel that the no-holds-barred way of going about campaigns does more harm to the image of the SRC and the University than its benefits and inspires the constituents.
I chose the #EraOfHope as the slogan of the campaign because we needed a campaign that will inspire people to aspire.

The unnecessary propaganda by members of my opponents camp on the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, the Judicial Board, and other officials of the University of Ghana has been sad and very regrettable. I expect the leadership of that ticket to call these people to order.

Also, the refusal to acknowledge the ruling of the Judicial Board and the continuous misleading of students by calling themselves “elects” has been regrettable. We must learn to respect the processes and structures. JCR Presidents of the UGEL controlled Hostels on campus in collaboration with the current SRC President are working hard to ensure a meaningful reduction to the fees for this academic year.

Let us ignore any group of “elects” who show up to take credit for something they have no hand in or legitimacy to effect.

We must lead by example and stop the propaganda

Let truth stand.
Let commonsense rule.

As Prof. Alexander Adum Kwapong, the first Ghanaian Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana meant by giving us the motto “integri procedamus”; we must proceed in truth and integrity and make our nation proud.

We can and should do better.

Samuel Amos Ofosu (Nana B)
UGSRC 2021 Presidential Candidate.


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