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KenUp Foundation to commence production of COVID-19 vaccines locally

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Non-Governmental Organisation, KenUp Foundation has announced plans to commence local production of COVID-19 vaccines.

Speaking to UniversNews, Chairman of the KenUp Foundation, Holm Keller stated that this initiative is in collaboration with the Presidential Committee on Vaccine Production and Development, Rwanda’s High Commissioner to Ghana, and the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research.

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Mr. Keller also said this initiative may help reduce major apprehensions raised against the taking of the COVID 19 vaccines.

“In the moment, vaccinations against COVID 19, especially double and triple vaccinated indeed helps the world tremendously to control infection. And it is not mostly about protecting those who are vaccinated but also for those who cant be vaccinated. So in a way, it is a social measure.

This project we are embarking on right now , is to establish sufficient high-end vaccine manufacturing here in Ghana and in many African nations. It is always good to know where things come from and we assume this local vaccination may help.”

Provost of the College of Health Sciences of the University of Ghana, Prof. Julius Fobil expressed his pleasure with the initiative and stated that this would build trust for the vaccination process.

“It should be exciting news to people. If you can recall, there were lots of doubts about the vaccines. So if Ghana has the capacity to develop vaccines, what it means is that the populations should trust the vaccinations is safe. Because the Ghanaian scientist and manufactures would never do anything to hurt the Ghanaian population. So it should be exciting news for the population.”




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