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GIJ: SRC provides shuttles to commute students to various campuses

The Ghana Institute of Journalism Student Represent Council SRC has announced that it has provided shuttles at vantage points that will transport students to their various campuses.

This follows a notice from the Management of the institution asking students who had their first-semester face-to-face academic activities at the Osu ring way campus to now have their second-semester face-to-face activity at the North Dzorwulu campus of the Institution.

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According to the President of the Student Representative Council, Ismael Nii Lantey Lartey, the SRC has put in measures to mitigate the financial impact that the change in campuses for the second academic semester will have on students.

Speaking to UniversNews, Ismael Nii Lantey Lartey assured students that the SRC is available to see to the needs of the students in every possible way they can.

 “Academic decision as to where students should have lectures are not in the remit of the SRC to determine, it is in the remit of the academic board of the school and not even some management members are able to influence academic board and that’s why the SRC having heard that have decided to  run the shuttle system.

“ Previously we were running in it just Osu but now we’ve  added Dzorwulu and we are working on even  getting other transportation in addition to the SRC shuttles that we have in order to make it transportation very easy for everyone”.

Ishmael Nii Lantey Lantey added that management’s decision was however was made to suit the best interest of the institution.

 “In this situation you can’t over run the few voices on a high percentage, so in this case we are looking at the majority affected then we help them.”

He urged all concerned students to make it a point to attend lectures despite the inconveniences.






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