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Economist calls for reforms to drive more investments to education, health sector

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An economist, Rev. Dr Samuel Worlanyo Mensah, is calling for more investments into the education and health sector of the country.

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He says that governments have been overly focused on providing infrastructure instead of attempting to keep a good balance.

Dr. Mensah made these comments following a declaration of industrial action by university lecturers across the country and threats from the Ghana Medical Association that was considering strike action.

In an interview with UniversNews, Dr. Worlanyo Mensah called for reforms that would see the government pay more attention to education and health.

“I think that by and large, we have not been able to make reforms in terms of policies that will benefit our educational and health system. I believe that over the years, policies were not able to prioritize education and health, so we were thinking much more of the construction of roads and highways as a form of development,” he said.

Dr. Mensah also raised concerns over the conditions of service of public servants.

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He is worried that political office holders earn far more than teachers and doctors.

The economist says that the situation is a ‘recipe for disaster.’

“The gap between politicians or political leaders and professionals is too huge. I think it is the gap that is creating all of this crisis. So if we really want to put an end to this crisis, we really need to close the gap in wages of health personnel and teachers and also improve their conditions of service,” he added.


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