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Check out 7 tips to help you age gracefully

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Two-thirds of how you age depends on your lifestyle and not your genes especially before age 50.

There are many lifestyle tips that can be considered to age gracefully and live a longer life but the following are the most important to consider if you want to live up to 100 and feel like you are 60.

1. A Cup of Black Tea or fresh Coffee every day.

It turns out that black tea and coffee are the number one source of antioxidants globally and you need this to rejuvenate your body and keep your cells detoxified.

This will help keep your brain sharp and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Cinnamon.
This is hugely important especially if you are at risk of developing diabetes.

Put one to two teaspoons in your tea and coffee and this will reduce your risk of suffering from high blood sugar by up to 30%.

This also reduces blood glucose and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

3. Take in more nuts.

Almond nuts, cashew nuts, peanuts…all types of nuts. Studies say people who eat nuts up to 7 times a week have a lower death rate.

Worried the fats in nuts will make you overweight?

This is actually a myth and nuts on the contrary aid in weight loss.

4. Get more Purple/Blue Foods in your life.

Harvest the power of these colors.

Red wine, raspberries, blueberries, purple cabbage.

These foods are naturally helpful and reduce cancer cell proliferation.

5. Talk a daily walk or get into fitness.

The power of exercise cannot be over-emphasized.

A British study indicates that the mortality rate of women who walked 10mins a day was greatly reduced.

Movement and fitness aid proper bodily functions in various ways and helps the body stay fit and serve you well into old age.

6. Get more sleep.

Lack of sleep doesn’t only age you internally but also quite visibly on the outside.

Lack of sleep deprives the body of the chance to rid your body of toxins that accumulate in your system from your environment and food or products you use.

Aim for at least 7hrs of sleep a day.

7. Develop a tight social circle.

The human species has survived because we have such a close nit bond and a strong social network between each other.

Technology today has made that even easier even with the distance.

Visit someone, talk, and hang out with them over a glass of red wine to build a social framework as this reduces death rates up to 20%.

Remember, the secret to longevity in life is more of lifestyle and not genetics so pay attention to your habits.


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