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Top 10 safest countries in Africa

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Safest countries in Africa

The Global Peace Index ranks the world’s safest countries. The Institute for Economics and Peace, which is “an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to moving the world’s focus to peace as a positive, feasible, and quantifiable measure of human wellbeing and progress,” publishes this study every year. The study looks at countries to see which are the safest, as well as which are the most dangerous.

The study includes information on 163 countries. There are 23 distinct indications used to assess whether a country is safe or harmful. These factors are categorized as follows: Militarization, ongoing international conflict, and societal safety and security. The number of internal and foreign violent conflicts, the level of distrust, political instability, the potential for terrorist actions, the number of homicides, and military spending as a percentage of GDP were all considered to construct this report.

In Africa, the three safest countries are Mauritius, Ghana, and Botswana, according to the Global Peace Index.

safest countries

We’ve compiled a list of the safest African countries. This article will tell you which African countries are the safest, based on actual statistics.

10 Safest Countries in Africa

RankCountrySafety ScoreWorldwide RankPopulationTourists Per Year
1.Mauritius 1.592281.266 million (2019)1.38 million (2019)
2.Ghana1.7153830.42 million (2019)1.13 million (2019)
3.Botswana1.753412.304 million (2019)1.83 million (2018)
4.Sierra Leone1.813467.813 million (2019)71,000 (2019)
5.The Gambia1.853532.348 million (2019)619,000 (2019)
6.Senegal1.8645416.3 million (2019)1.38 million (2017)
7.Tanzania1.8925858.01 million (2019)1.527 million (2019)
8.Malawi1.9095918.63 million (2019)871,000 (2019)
9.Equatorial Guinea1.91562 1.356 million (2019) N/A
10.Namibia1.927652.495 million (2019)1.596 million (2019)

The information provided above does not represent my personal view or personal experience. This information comes from Vision of Humanity’s 2021 Global Peace Index Report(Download the report in PDF format).

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