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REASONS why you could be denied boarding on a flight?

There are many reasons why you could be refused boarding on a flight. Though you bought a ticket, booked in but there are some reasons your traveling by flight can be refused. This can happen to anyone, just imagine how frustrating this can be. This post contains a very few ones highly seen so inappropriate and you should know

  1. Health conditions

Showing up to board a flight looking very sick to the extent of medical assistance needed will cause you a denial on board. Excessive coughing which can be contagious may get you a denial from boarding the flight unless you have a doctor’s report to interpret your condition with the assurance of you being safe and the rest of the passengers’ safety.

  1. Falsified traveling document

Faking a document is can hinder you from getting on a flight. In a VISA application, documents are well scrutinized for validation and originality. In cases where individuals are found guilty for faking documents are red-flagged from traveling.

  1. Type of ticket
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Traveling to some places requires you to purchase two-way tickets which cover your traveling in and out. However, in the case where only a single ticket is purchased instead of the two can deny you traveling to your destination.

  1. Late arrival
    This is very common to see at the airport. You can be refused on board should you show up late to board a flight. Your seat as well can be taken by another passenger without you being compensated.
  2. Obese Passengers
    obese passengers as sometimes referred to as plus size can be denied on board that if the necessary arrangement is not made in securing two seats.

6.Weapon or Alcohol detection.

Passengers carrying any form of harmful objects will not be allowed on a flight. This same also applies to someone who is drunk at the moment and appearing to board a flight is highly not entertained.

These are some things that can cause your denial of getting on a flight. Other reasons which may not be captured here could be interpreted to you by the officials at the airport should seek to understand why your refusal to get on board.

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