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Why The Military Hospital In Ghana Is Named 37 And The Mysterious Bats.

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The 37 Military Hospital was established by the British Empire in Accra, Ghana during the World War II as a casualty clearing station for medical needs of soldiers. The hospital originally had 29 wards. The obstetrics and gynecology unit with a 50 bed capacity was used by the female soldiers and soldiers’ wives until recently around early 2000 when the hospital was opened to civilians.

The name 37 was because it was the 37th military hospital to be built in the British colony of West Africa. The hospital is also known for the story of the bats who never left their chief.

You can’t live in Accra without being aware of the 37 military hospitals that house bats. For almost 40 years, the mystery bats have been perching on the trees bordering the military hospital!

In fact, multiple attempts have been made to evacuate the bats from the hospital, with some military troops firing tear gas and rubber bullets at the bats. However, these measures have had little effect.

The Ghana Forestry Commission has designated the entire 37 Military Hospital as a tourist attraction, with officials warning against the habitat loss of these bats.

But where did these bats originate from, and who brought them to the hospital? According to story, these bats accompanied a chief from a village in the Eastern Regional town of Kibi to the 37 Military Hospital, where he was admitted, during colonial times.

Unfortunately, the chief died, leaving these bats to wait for him. These birds have been in the hospital for decades and are still there.

Aside from this story, the appearance of these bats has had certain mystical connotations. While some believe the bats represent the number of people who have died in hospitals, others say they are there to prey on the blood of hospital patients.

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