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How to Build Travel App for iPhone and Android

Do you like traveling the world and roaming around places?

Don’t you think if you can ease traveling with technology, it would be great? You may have used some travel services apps and websites to book your journey. However, what about creating your personal traveling app?

You can find several types of traveling apps and booking services. Of course, they’re helpful in emergencies and necessities. Still, you may have thought about building your personal travel app. If so, you must know how mobile app development works.

Currently Serving Travel Apps:

The following examples help understand each category of travel apps that you may have installed or known.

  • Trip Planning Services:

It includes TripCase, TripAdvisor, Triplt, and several others.

  • Booking Services:

You know OYO rooms,  Goibibo, Clear Trip, and MakeMyTrip to book hotels, flights, and trains.

  • Traveling Apps:

OLA and Uber are more popular travel services.

Isn’t That Exciting To Create Your Personal Traveling App?

When you know that the internet and Mobile phones have covered everything, you want your personal service apps. Therefore, people are curious about their unique apps, regardless of the country or region. Hence, for comfort and convenience, your app is worth it. You can think of creating your apps for your personal use or commercial business. Therefore, in this post, we have covered everything you must know about mobile app development.

How To Create Your Successful Travel App?

You should know that there are several factors driving mobile application development. Hence, it depends on several things like functionalities, type, design considerations, data integrations, and purpose.

There are two ways you can start building your business app. Either hire a mobile application development company or build it yourself. However, building your app on your own requires knowledge of software and technology.

What Are Steps To Create A Travel App?

Anything you build passes through some procedure and steps. Therefore, Mobile Application Development needs steps too. The following are steps to create your travel app successfully.

1.    Design Key Theme:

Either you can get inspired from the existing themes available online, or create new ones. You must gather the required information about the app’s need to design a theme.

2.    Start With Homepage:

What do you see when you launch any app on your phone? It’s the home screen or homepage it has. As a user, your customers must have a simple user interface. It tells your user what is special in the app and its features.

3.    Menu Design:

Menu in Mobile App keeps some call to action operations that users perform. Hence, it must be easy to understand. Your users can find accounts, Officers, Cashbacks, History, and last activity from the menu.

4.    Content Planning:

Do you know the content of your app is the most important thing? Yes! Therefore, plan content for your app professionally. It may include writing blogs, pages about us, privacy policy, terms or services, contact details, customer support, and image gallery.

5.    Splash Screen & Compatibility:

The splash screen is the launcher of the app. Hence, when your user launches the app, he sees any specific screen for a couple of seconds. Compatibility of the app means what technologies it supports. Therefore, your app must support Android and iOS both. Also, the screen of your app must fit all screen sizes. It is a technical part that ensures it. Hence, while developing your app, you must know it.

What Are Features Of A Travel App?

The features of any mobile app improve and optimize the usability of the app. Therefore, the traveling app needs the following features to help users.

  • The travel planning feature lets users search for a destination. It helps schedule trips. Hence, it must have e-tickets for ease of traveling.
  • Navigation and Maps are crucial parts of any travel app. Hence, including them improves mobility.
  • The booking feature lets your users book flights, trains, buses, cabs, and hotels.
  •  Review and suggestion features let users know about your app. Hence, add these features to improve service.
  • The local area information in-app lets your users know the area situations. Therefore, it is a must to know weather, city, and weather forecast.
  • Helpline and complaints feature help your users get proper services and improve your application.

Key Considerations:

While creating mobile apps, you must consider the following things. Therefore, understand the following before starting mobile app development.

  • Need Of App Even If Website Is Available:

If you build travel apps, you can bring 130% of travel traffic, when compared to websites. Therefore, mobile apps are more business-oriented.

  • Understand Your Users:

A successful business knows what its customers and users want. Hence, you must know their needs and serve them accordingly. Therefore, it helps you find your target customers.

  • Keep Eyes On Competitor:

You have to keep watch on your competitors to learn what they do. This way, you can improve your mobile app. Therefore, your travel app needs research and improvement.

  • Technical Support:

Your technical team will create your travel app. Hence, you must see the best and expert team of mobile app development. 

How To Run Business With Your Travel App?

Don’t you want to sell services like transport, guide, and accommodation? You can still make money from your travel app. Of course, it is possible in the following ways.

  • Using Google Adsense and running relevant Ads of merchants and service providers.
  • Featuring different travel services and products. Hence, you can get a commission from it.
  • Adding in-app purchases to promote marketing.
  • Add subscriptions.
  • Use paid notifications of your sponsors.
  • Make your app a paid version.

What Are Pros Of Travel Apps?

Are you still confused about how a travel app helps? Here are more facts you should know about your app.

  • Served Info:

Your travel app lets users get instant information that they need a whole planning trip. Therefore, customers can easily perform tasks.

  • Tracking System:

This feature helps users track their destination and real-time location. Therefore, they get confident on their trip.

  • Collaborative Business:

You can do collaborations with merchants that can help your users. Hence, the commission gets into your pockets. It includes booking and other options.

  • App Vs. Website:
    • The app is more straightforward to serve users. Hence, they don’t have to repeatedly visit websites.
    • The mobile app comes with an easy-to-understand user interface. Therefore, it has rich graphics.
    • Users get GPS navigation to understand their destination.

How Much Will It Cost To Develop A Personal Travel App?

If you want a final version of a travel mobile app that works best for Android and iOS, read the following. Hence, the following factors drive the cost.

  • Building on your own or hiring a developing company.
  • Native App or Hybrid App.
  • Features required for your app.
  • Time to launch in the market.
  • People associated with your app development.
  • The theme you choose.
  • In short, the total cost of building your travel app may range from $1000 to $10,000 or more.

Wrapping Up:

Have you decided to create your personal travel app? We have summed up what it takes to start mobile app development. If you want to launch your unique business, build it yourself. Or else, you can hire a professional mobile application development company. Like we have discussed, it may cost you anywhere between $1000 and $10,000. Hence, the cost depends on what you want in your app.


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