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All You Need To Know About Instagram SEO

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Instagram is a great place to market your business, but there is a catch; Instagram is a sea of people doing exactly the same. In such a situation, trying to stand out or get noticed becomes quite tricky. So, how do some people and brands accomplish it? How do they get noticed and gain followers? The answer is Instagram SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is the best way to get your posts into the Instagram algorithm to help people notice you faster and help in gaining more followers.

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Instagram SEO increases your discoverability on the platform. This can help out people who are finding it hard to get noticed on Instagram or for those who have just started a business page. There are many other ways to increase the traffic to your page, but this is the best and most organic way to do so.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get more traffic on your Instagram page. These will help you if you have just started out on Instagram or even if you have an existing page:

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Use Instagram video

Instagram videos are a great way to get more followers and visitors to your page. IGTV is known to be the spot to find new and engaging content. Videos are by far one of the best ways of promoting yourself. Use an easy video maker to make interesting videos about your brand and promote yourself on Instagram. You can easily condense everything you have to say in a long paragraph into a 10-second video.

InVideo is a great tool to help beginners create videos using their Instagram video editor. The best thing about using videos is that you can also add text to your video to make it more engaging and understandable. Another great thing about using videos is that you can add hashtags to them to help them stand out from the rest. The hashtags can also be used as SEO keywords to make your video stand out better.

Use relevant keywords

The main thing that most people forget to do is to optimize their content with relevant keywords. This is usually the reason why your content is not getting the views it should. The explore page is one such page where this is most apparent. Many people do not know the relevant hashtags they need to assign to their content to make it available.

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Using the right hashtags isn’t the only thing you need to make sure of; you need to use the ones that define your content. If people reach your content via hashtags and see something that has nothing to do with your content, they will not return again. This can be called false marketing, and no one likes that.

Optimize your bio

The bio is where you can add keywords that will help you get recognized and discovered easily. The bio isn’t there for just basic details. You can enter keywords that target your content as well as your audience. This way, more people will arrive on your page when searching for those keywords. Another thing to keep in mind is to not make your bio too long; keep it short and to the point.

When constructing your bio, you need to add who you are, what you do, and why people should care about you. You can easily write these down in 4-5 words each. Once you have this down, you will notice more people interacting with your page than before because they were able to find it when they typed in your keywords.

Caption your content

Always caption all pieces of your content, whether it is pictures or videos. This will help your content gain traction in the Instagram sea of content. You can use both your main keywords and your secondary keywords in that aspect. You should also keep your captions engaging by making it funny or witty or in the form of a question. Your caption will not work if it is written as just an observation.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your captions should be related to your content. Try to tell a story via your captions. You can also make your captions thought-provoking. This will help in engaging your audience with your content. Instagram runs on engagement. The higher the engagement, the better traffic it will send to your page.

Use secondary keywords

Do not let the popularity of the first keyword or main keyword prevent you from using your secondary keyword. Always have a secondary keyword. This will help you get more people to visit your site and get you more followers. You may have one primary keyword that is your main, but always have a secondary keyword that will help people come to your page even if they were not searching for the first.

Additionally, one must keep in mind that there is something known as keyword overload. This is when you use too many keywords in your content that slows down the Instagram AI and reduces the traffic to your page. This can be avoided by using just two keywords in all your content and all over your page. This will help the AI understand that this is the content you are providing, and people looking for this content will land on your page.


Instagram is a wonderful platform for marketing and promotion, but it is filled with millions of people trying to do the same. The above-given tips and tricks will help you stand out from the rest and get your content more views and more engagement, thus resulting in more followers for your page or your brand.

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