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How to Record Calls on iPhone

Unlike most android phones and other mobile phone devices, iPhone did not come with an inbuilt call recording feature, which will allow users to easily record incoming and outgoing calls.

However, since there is a solution to most of our problems, we the tech team at is here to teach you how to can record calls on iPhone. There are many methods available but we wish to give you the one that is effective, easy and free.

In this article, we will use an app called Rev Call Recorder which is very easy to use, free to use and also have a 4.4 stars rate from more than 8k reviews.

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Note that before you record any call, you need to let the other party on the phone be aware that the call is being recorded. In some countries recording a phone call without the knowledge of other parties will be unlawful.

Without wasting much time, let us look at the simplest way to record calls on iPhone.

  1. Download an app called Rev Call Recorder from the App Store.
  2. Wait for some minutes if not seconds depending on the strength of your network for the app to finish downloading and installing on your device.
  3. Verify your phone number in the app, this is to ensure that, the number truely belong to you.
  4. Once you are done with the installation and setting up the app, you can now start recording your calls.
  5. Whenever you want to record a call, tap on the green call icon at the bottom of the app which says start recording.
  6. Choose whether it is an incoming call or an outgoing call.
  7. Your calls can be recoreded successfully.

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