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How to Fix iPhone Battery Drain Problem?

If you experience that your iPhone’s battery drains rapidly, this post will look at fixing the iPhone battery drain problem.

It is very annoying and painful if your battery bar is always low, and at times you need to use your phone while on charge. Many iPhone users face similar issues. That is why I have compiled a list of possible reasons why your phone battery drains quickly and the appropriate solution for each of them.

Without wasting much time, let us look at the most common cause and its solutions.

1. Battery Consuming Apps

Some apps drain the battery a lot. These apps normally use a lot of services when operating or running in the background.

You have to check all the apps draining your battery, and it is your choice to either uninstall those apps or close them.

Check the stats of your installed apps and see how it consumes your battery.

2. Background App Refresh

While most apps run in the background, getting new data, if any appear to be suspect, disable Background App Refresh to test them one by one.

Select the app/apps you want to disable in Settings – General – Background App Refresh.

Also, you can completely turn off Background Refresh, or you can set it to WLAN only. Doing this will save you some battery and data.

3. Auto Update

Turning on the Automatic Update feature will always check if there is an update available for specific applications or not. All of these processes run in the background, which drains your battery.

Turning off Automatic Update will save you some battery life.

4. Use Original Charger

Many battery problems are caused by not using the right charger for your device. Always make sure you use Made For iPhone, MFi chargers. These MFi chargers are the recommended chargers for all iPhone users. If you are looking for a charger to buy, make sure you choose MFi chargers.

5. Check your Battery Health score.

Your battery health score is the overall strength of your battery.

Apple offered various ways to monitor your iPhone’s health, including its overall capacity and performance, with the iOS 13 upgrade.

To check your iPhone’s health, go to Settings – Battery – Battery Health.

Checking your health, you see two things: Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capability.

The Maximum capacity should be more than 80%. Anything below that will cause your device to lag and shut down unexpectedly.

Peak Performance Capability, on the other hand, tells you if your battery is experiencing any problems.

If you see something like: “Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance” or “Built-in dynamic software and hardware systems will help counter-performance impacts that may be noticeable as your iPhone battery chemically ages”,. Then it means your battery performance is good.

Apart from that, any other statement indicates there is a problem with your battery’s performance.

6. Check your brightness

Always make sure you dim your phone brightness and increase it if the need arises. This is because the brighter it is, the more it drains your battery. To save some battery, it is advisable to decrease the phone’s brightness.

7. Turn of Unused Connectivity Services

If you are not using your data connection, WiFi connection, Bluetooth, location service, then it is recommended you turn them off to save some battery. Bluetooth, data, WiFi, and location services consume a lot of battery.


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