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Which Africa Country has the highest Adsense CPC

The concept of Adsense CPC has been of favour to Countries such as United States of America, Canada,United Kingdom and Australia. Blogs found in the abovemenioned countries benefits hugely from keywords on loan, Legal, Insurance, Online, Banking , Digiral Marketing and Accounting related content.

Someone may ask what is CPC?

The concept of cost per click, also known as CPC in the blogging or marketing space, is the amount of money that an advertising company or advertiser is prepared to pay Google for one click on his ad.

African Countries with High Adsense CPC

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In this article, we at Georgeweb.org will reveal some of the African Countries has the highest Adsense CPC.

South Africa

South Africa is first on our list. According to our research, clicks and traffic from South African users can generate higher CPM and CPC for a blog.

The other African countries proven to have high CPC are under listed below

  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Ghana

How to get higher revenue from Adsense

Bloggers should target their content on Adsense rich keywords such as loan, legal, insurance, online, banking, and digital marketing to earn more money from the prestigious Google Adsense. For example, one can create a website and blog solely about Loans in the United States and Australia. The traffic may be low, but the revenue will be extremely high.



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