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Most Popular Gadgets For Men in 2022

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Most Popular Gadgets

It should come as no surprise that men love gadgets. There are many gadgets that men like to collect, from something as simple as a multipurpose pen to a Smartphone, a smartwatch, or even a wallet.

Headphone Amp

This post is for you if you want to offer a gift to your man or if your man is one of a kind and is always on a collecting spree to acquire the coolest devices on the market.

Sonos Five

There is no particular order to the list. We’ve numbered the Most Popular Gadgets for men from 1 to 25 for ease of reference, not as a ranking of importance or quality;

Watch1. Mechanical Watch
2. Digital Watch
3. Smartwatch
SpeakerSonos Five
WebcamLogitech C920S 
Electric Toothbrush1. Gleem Electric Toothbrush 
2. Hum by Colgate Electric Toothbrush
3. Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Brush 
Wine OpenerPulltap’s Double-Hinged Waiters Corkscrew
Knife HoneHenckels Fine Edge Pro 9 in. Steel Honing Steel
Multi-Tool1. Gerber Armbar Drive ($39)
2. Leatherman Bond ($50)
3. Leatherman Free P2 ($120)
Mechanical KeyboardOne 2 Skyline TKL Mechanical Keyboard
Headphones1. Open-Back Headphones
2. Wireless Earbuds
3. Closed-back Headphones
External Hard DriveSamsung T7 ($150) 
Beard TrimmerPhilips Norelco Ultimate Beard Trimmer Series 9000
Headphone AmpIEMagni from Schiit Audio ($119)
Hand Coffee Grinder1. Hario Mni Slim Ceramic Coffee Mill ($30)
2. Hario Skerton Pro Hand Grinder ($60)
3. Kinu M47 Grinder ($199+)
Kitchen ScaleEscali ($25)
Ballpoint PenU.S. Government Retractable Ball Point Pen
Camera1. Film Camera
3. Crop Sensor
Kitchen ThermometerThermoWorks’ Chef Alarm ($65)
Tablet1. Amazon Fire HD 10 ($150)
2. Apple iPad ($329)
3. Apple iPad Pro ($799)
LighterSlide Lighter
Spice GrinderSpice grinder ($40)
Desk Knife1. Opinel No. 8 ($17)
2. Deluxe Tinker Swiss Army Knife ($50)
3. The James Brand The Carter ($159)
Mobile HotspotZTE ZMAX Connect Mobile Hotspot 4G LTE
Smart PlugWyze plugs
Drill Kit1. Bosch 12-Volt Max Cordless ($129)
2. DeWalt Xtreme 12-Volt Cordless ($149)
3. DeWalt Xtreme 20-Volt Cordless ($200)
Percussion MassagerHyperice Hypervolt Plus

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