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Microsoft’s Windows 11 to run Android applications

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Microsoft has announced the new version of Windows and conjured up a big rabbit out of the top hat. Windows 11 will be able to run Android apps. You can download it from the Amazon Appstore.

Android apps to use in Windows 11

During the presentation of Windows 11, Microsoft announced that you will soon be able to run Android apps on your PC. You do not download them in the Google Play Store, but via the Amazon Appstore. It will be integrated into the new Microsoft Store. So you don’t have to visit a separate digital store to install TikTok or Instagram, for example.

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The apps open in windows just like traditional software. You can also just stick it to the taskbar. Microsoft uses Intel Bridge technology to run the apps on Windows 11. If all goes well, you will notice little or no difference with a normal program.

Why Microsoft isn’t working with Google to bring Android apps to Windows 11 is unclear. We cannot yet say which apps you will be able to install on your computer and whether there are any restrictions. Hopefully that will be announced in the coming months. Windows 11 will be available for download this fall as a free update for Windows 10 users.

Apple also brought mobile apps to the computer

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Microsoft isn’t the first to bring mobile apps to the computer. Apple did the same late last year. On Macs with their own M1 chip, it is possible to download iOS apps. This way you can also use apps from your iPhone or iPad on your Mac. That is not going smoothly, by the way. Because Macs don’t have a touch-sensitive screen, operation is clumsy. Apple tries to overcome that problem by turning the trackpad into a virtual touchscreen, but it doesn’t work very smoothly.

In that regard, Microsoft has an advantage. Unlike Macbooks, many Windows laptops do have a touchscreen. That should make it easier to use mobile apps.

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