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GoMovies, Legal or Illegal? [Full facts here]

GoMovies is a movie streaming website where you get Movies and TV Shows Online.

Is GoMovies Legal or Illegal?

Depending on your country, the website’s owners may be breaching the law. Uploading unauthorised films and television shows, as well as cam-rips, is strictly prohibited by the laws of some countries.

Gomovies does not operate mainly in the United States, making it difficult to enforce laws on piracy on the part of viewers and gomovies site proprietors

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In fact, filesharing sites are caught in a catch-22 because if you buy a DVD, you technically own the DVD and have the right to share it. How would I know whether your copy is legitimate or not if I arrived to your house?

When you torrent, you’re effectively downloading infringing material from other individuals in return for submitting copyrighted stuff to them.

While gomovies in a form is illegal, it still offers subscriptions for viewers. It is unclear how the earnings are split with the producers of the actual movie


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