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Bicycle brands in the world; check our top 10 list here

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Bicycle brands in the world

Bicycles are one of the most often used modes of transportation in today’s world. In the years 2020-2021, sales of bicycles grew as a result of the COVID-19, which encouraged people recognize the need of exercising.

Bicycle brands in the world

Bicycles are less expensive than other modes of transportation, hence they are utilized by people from many walks of life for a variety of tasks.

Many brands and models are accessible on the market, and bicycles are available in all price ranges from the lowest to the most costly for all classes. Bicycles are created with style, fashion, and adorability in mind.

Here is the list of Top 10 bicycle brands in the world:

No. Brand Name
2.GT Bikes
3.Santa Cruz
7.Marin Cycles
8.Yeti Cycles
9.Kona Bicycles
10.Merida Bikes

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