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Axim Girls Senior High . prospectus: What is required by Every SHS Student

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In this article, we will provide the List Of Things Required For Admission To Axim Girls Senior High

What is SHS Prospectus

A general prospectus has been proposed by the Ghana Education Service to inform guardians and students on the items needed to start school. The prospectus is simply a list of all the required items students need in order to enrol in Senior High School in Ghana.

Axim Girls Senior High. prospectus

These items are not covered by the free Senior High School (S.H.S) Policy and as such all guardians are to procure them on their own accounts before their wards report to their prospective schools

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Below are required of students especially freshers.

For girls;

  • underwear, night dress/ pyjamas, pillow, mattress, white dress, bed sheets, blanket, trunk, chop box, torch light, electric iron, rain jacket, towel, sponge, canvas shoe, sandals, school bag, black and white socks
  • plate, cutlery, bathroom slippers/flip flops, cutlass, scrubbing brush, cup, hymn book, bucket, broom, toothbrush and paste,
  • NHIS card, detergent, calculator, school bag, checked dress, bathing soap, sanitary pads, small mirror, long vest, blanket, mosquito net, black shoe, track suit, school cloth, African print, exeat book, antiseptic

Parents and Guardians should therefore cross-check and confirm specifications from the management of Axim Girls Senior High . This is because There may be slight additions and omissions from school

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