23 thoughts on “NABCO career pathway transition process portal: How to fill your application

  1. Can you open the portal again after submitting your application.. I’m with Enterprise and can’t open the portal after submitting.

  2. I can’t login eventhough I am under Enterprise gh. When logging in they kept telling me to fill other areas to proceed meanwhile nothing to fill apart from my email and password

  3. please kindly check the site for us because it still not working. We have only today and tomorrow to finish filling the forms. Please we need this job. thank you

  4. I have been trying open this site since yesterday, and the deadline is Saturday morning 6am to be precise, please do something about it for me, I am with civic Ghana and our days run from Thursday to Saturday. THANK YOU

  5. Please I made a mistake in my submission, I haven’t submitted yet, I have corrected all the mistakes but when I click review it still go back to the same mistake…please help me out…my deadline is tomorrow

  6. Please, I don’t get access to the portal. I filled part and could not finish it, now no way to access the portal. Thank you

  7. Please, I can no longer log in, I tried several times almost the whole day. I filled all except the training experiences. Thank you

  8. I haven’t written any licence exams although I am in educate Ghana. The licence examination ID is also a requirement. I need assistance.

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