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International University of Management (IUM) Courses & Requirements

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International University of Management (IUM) courses| Courses offered at International University of Management (IUM) Courses available.

The International University of Management (IUM) management has released the complete list of courses offered for applicants who want to apply and study at the University. This is the full list of accredited courses offered at the International University of Management (IUM).

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These Courses or Academic Programmes are meant to train prospective applicants into future leaders to manage the affairs of Africa and the World at large.

International University of Management (IUM) BACHELOR HONOURS DEGREES Courses

The comprehensive list of courses/programmes of the International University of Management (IUM) can be found below

Bachelor Honours Degree in Business Administration8
2Bachelor Honours Degree in Business Information Systems8
3Bachelor Honours Degree in Finance Management8
4Bachelor Honours Degree in HIV/AIDS Management8
5Bachelor Honours Degree in Human Resource Management8
6Bachelor Honours Degree in Marketing Management8
7Bachelor Honours Degree in Small Business Management8
8Bachelor Honours Degree in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality8
9Bachelor Honours Degree Digital Communication Technology8
10Bachelor Honours Degree in Education : Educational Leadership, Management and Policy8
11Bachelor of Education (Pre and Junior Primary)8
12Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education8
13Bachelor of Education in Senior Primary8
14Bachelor in Public Policy8
15Bachelor of Nursing Honours Degree8
16Bachelor in Health and Wellness Studies Honours8
17Bachelor in Health and Wellness Studies7

International University of Management (IUM) Higher Diploma Courses

1Higher Diploma in Business Administration7
2Higher Diploma in Business Information Systems7
3Higher Diploma in Finance Management7
4Higher Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management7
5Higher Diploma in Human Resource Development and Management7
6Higher Diploma in Marketing Management7
7Higher Diploma in Small Business Management7
8Diploma in Education (Pre and Junior Primary)7
9Health and Wellness Studies7

International University of Management (IUM) Postgraduate Courses

M.Sc. Degree in HIV/AIDS Management9
2Master of Business Administration (Marketing)9
3Master of Business Administration (Finance)9
4Master of Business Administration (Management9
5Master of Business Administration (Human Resources)9
6Master in International Relations and Diplomacy Management9
7Master of Education – Educational Leadership, Management and Policy9
8Master of Science in Information Technology9
9Master of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management9
10Postgraduate Diploma in Education
11Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Higher Education)
12Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
13Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Research)
14Doctor of Philosophy in Information Communication Technology (Research)
15Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism (Research)

International University of Management (IUM) Certificate Courses

1Certificate of Administration in Business Administration5
2Certificate of Administration in Business Information Systems5
3Certificate of Administration in Finance Management5
4Certificate of Administration in HIV/AIDS Management5
5Certificate of Administration in Human Resource Development and Management5
6Certificate of Administration in Marketing Management5
7Certificate of Administration in Small Business Management5
8Certificate of Administration in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality5
9Health and Wellness Studies5

International University of Management (IUM) Higher certificates

1Higher Certificate in Business Administration6
2Higher Certificate in Business Information Systems6
3Higher Certificate in Finance Management6
4Higher Certificate in HIV/AIDS Management6
5Higher Certificate in Human Resource Development and Management6
6Higher Certificate in Marketing Management6
7Higher Certificate in Small Business Management6
8Higher Certificate in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality

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