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90% believe learning psychology would improve teaching practice – Teacher Tapp Poll

A poll conducted by Teacher Tapp, the Ghana Education Service (GES) approved 100% free daily CPD mobile phone app, reveals that nearly 90% of teachers in Ghana believe learning some psychology would improve their teaching practice.

We strongly believe that the best way to make students read and better understand is for the teacher to learn some psychology, we are not surprised that Ghanaian teachers have noticed that too.

What aspects of psychology might teachers find helpful? Here are some suggestions from Teacher Tapp-

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Cognitive psychology – finding out how cognition and memory wok in order to make sure students can prepare effectively for exams

Social psychology – finding out how students form relationships and express emotions in order to make the classroom a safe and productive learning environment 

Behavioural psychology – learning how students make decisions in order to behave in certain ways in order to devise ways to help them change their behaviour 

Developmental psychology – Understand how children go through different developmental stages in order to match your teaching to their abilities 

You can learn more about all these types of psychology through the short, free blog articles that we share every single day on Teacher Tapp

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