Minority calls for COVID-19 mass testing of final year SHS students

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Following claims of some Senior High Schools recording COVID-19 cases just after the school reopens, the Minority in Parliament has called on the government to start mass testing of final year students, teaching, and non-teaching staff who have reported to the school for coronavirus.

Also, the government must equip students, teaching, and non-teaching staff with Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).

The Ranking Member of the Health Committee, Mr. Kwabena Minta Akandoh making the appeal in Parliament said “Although education is very necessary you need to be alive first before you can study,”

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His comment was in line with the government’s measures put in place to ensure the safety of the final year senior high school students as they return to school after the month closure of school since March 16 this year.

The Ranking Member made allegations that as of now nothing has been done to safeguard the students from contracting the deadly novel coronavirus as the majority of them have reported to their various schools.

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Mr. Kwabena Minta Akandoh suggested that as a matter of urgency the government should follow Parliament’s example to arrange for mass testing of the students and teachers since most of them were coming from various locations to congregate in one place

“We were of the opinion that government was going to do mass testing because students and teachers are coming from various destinations to congregate, and therefore thought that as was done in parliament government was going to put in place measures to do mass testing,” he added.

He also condemned the government for endangering the lives of the students, claiming that some of the students who reported to school were without a face mask and of course an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which in his view put them at high risk of contracting the novel virus.

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“We have seen students without a face mask and hand sanitizers and are shocked that the whole government would subject the people of this country to such a high risk,” Mr. Akandoh said.

Source: Georgeweb.org

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