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Iman writes on Wesley Girls Muslim Student Fasting Saga

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Dictating the license of Muslim girls to fast and pray in schools is truly a violation of the girls’ “Civil Rights”. But, justifying this claim with a claim of “a Christian majority” is even worse.

Are the majority and minority governed by different constitutions? Or does the 1992 constitution have different principles for the majority versus the minority?

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Seriously? Because you are the majority, you impose your creed on the minority? Because you are the majority, you suppress the rights of the minority?

What has happened to our stance on equality, liberty and tolerance?

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Religious suppression is a fascist, xenophobic, totalitarian and chauvinistic ideology.

We have heard of Hitler’s holocaust and, more recently, of Uyghur genocide (China) and Rohingya ethnic cleansing (Myanmar). These are few examples of xenophobic uprisings.

Well, these bloodbaths did not happen out of the blue. They started with claims of “we are the majority”. This claim of entitlement “justified” the bloodbaths mentioned earlier.

We are one! We share an identity: Ghanaians. A Ghanaian Christian is no better than a Ghanaian Muslim or traditionalist.

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We are equals, governed by the same constitution and judged by the same God. If you’ve issues with this statement, know that you are in the same boat with Adolf Hitler.

Bottom line: there’s no justification to suppress Muslim girls who willingly choose to fast and pray in their respective schools.

The violation of religious rights and liberties is suppression. We disdain Adolf Hitlers!!!

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