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Chuck Connors lives till today

American actor, writer and sportsman, Kevin Joseph Connors aka Chuck Connors although stated dead still lives till today.

Many personalities have left indelible marks behind in this lifetime even after their death, one of such people is Chuck Connors.

Born Kevin Joseph Connors on April 10, 1921, in Brooklyn, N.Y. he met his death on November 10, 1992.

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Chuck Connors appeared in many TV series before becoming a household name in The Rifleman as “Sylvester Superman” in the Superman TV series, he really starred in only 5 series.

Chuck Connors movies

1. The Rifleman – as Lucas McCain (Western) 1958-1963.

Chuck Connors was famous for portraying frontier widower and single-dad Lucas Cain in the long-running television series, The Rifleman.

2. Arrest and Trial – as lawyer John Egan (Legal Drama) 1963-1964. 

3. Branded as Jason McCord (Western) 1965-1966.

Disgraced and stripped of his commission after being blamed for a Calvary massacre, he travels the West trying to prove he is no coward. Gimmick: Instead of Rifleman’s tricky rifle he carries the broken half of his military saber which was broken in half to signify his disgrace. (See photos)

4. Cowboy in Africa – as Jim Sinclair (A Western in Kenya) 1967-1968. 

An American rodeo star is hired to bring modern ranching techniques to Kenya.

5. The Yellow Rose – as Jeb Hollister (Supporting Star behind Sam Elliott, Cybill Shepherd, David Soul) 1983-1984.

Nighttime soap opera involving The Yellow Rose, a two hundred thousand acre ranch in Texas operated by the children of the founder, Wade Champion.

Chuck Connors really had his time, keeping the eyes of thousands of people glued to their television screens.

Chuck Connors lives till today and he is remembered by many.


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