Oakland athletics mascot : Who is the stomper?

One iconic figure “Stomper,” is the beloved mascot of the Oakland Athletics Major League Baseball team. Residing in the hearts of both young and old, Stomper has charmed audiences with its enigmatic presence and whimsical antics. But who is Stomper, and what is the story behind this lovable character? Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Stomper and explore the intriguing tale that makes it a vital part of Oakland Athletics’ identity.

Who is the Stomper?

In 1997, the Haas family, the then-owners of the Oakland A’s, sought to invigorate the team’s fortune. The A’s had endured lackluster seasons, and the time was ripe for change. Thus emerged the idea to pay tribute to the team’s winning heritage through a mascot that would evoke both irony and glory.

An Elephant in the Room: Symbolizing Glory and Tenacity

For A’s outfielder José Canseco, the choice of an elephant as the team’s symbol couldn’t have been more fitting. With towering sluggers wielding big bats, the A’s were reminiscent of the mighty elephant, both powerful and awe-inspiring. The image of the A’s players blasting home runs into the far corners of the Oakland Coliseum was synonymous with the tenacity and determination embodied by the iconic white elephant.

Stomper’s Playful Persona

Stomping into the Hearts of Fans

From the moment Stomper made its debut, it captivated the hearts of A’s fans. With its endearing charm and playful demeanor, the mascot became an instant favorite among supporters, young and old alike. Stomper’s infectious enthusiasm and joyful antics have continued to entertain fans for decades.

Oakland athletics mascot : Who is the stomper?
Stomper: the Oakland athletics mascot interacting with fans

 The Rallying Presence: Celebrating Victories with Fervor

Stomper’s role extended beyond mere entertainment. As the A’s celebrated victories, Stomper took center stage, signifying the triumph with a broom to signify a series sweep.

The Spirit of Resilience: A Symbol of Oakland’s Identity

Stomper’s charm goes beyond the game itself. It embodies the spirit of Oakland – a city known for its cultural diversity, progressive values, and resilient community. Stomper’s unwavering energy and joyful presence mirror the city’s enduring spirit, making it a perfect reflection of Oakland’s identity.

Stomper’s Journey Through Time

 A Remembrance of the Past: Stomper’s Historic Moments

Over the years, Stomper has been part of numerous historic moments in Oakland A’s history. From thrilling victories to emotional farewells, the mascot has left an indelible mark on the memories of fans who have witnessed the team’s highs and lows.

The Shifting Landscape: Oakland A’s and Stomper’s Recent Challenges

The journey hasn’t been without its challenges. As the A’s underwent transitions and faced changing circumstances, Stomper remained a constant presence, a source of joy and strength for fans amid uncertainties.

The Ongoing Tale: A’s and Stomper’s Future in Oakland

The story of Stomper is far from over. As the A’s and Oakland navigate the ever-changing landscape of sports and community, the mascot continues to inspire hope and loyalty in fans. The future remains unwritten, and Stomper stands poised to play a significant role in the chapters yet to come.

Behind the Mascot: Unmasking the People Portraying Stomper

The Trailblazing Legacy of David Raymond

The portrayal of Stomper began with David Raymond, who brought the character to life during its early years. His pioneering work laid the foundation for Stomper’s endearing personality and set the stage for the mascot’s enduring popularity.

Meet Tom Burgoyne: Carrying the Baton of Stomper

Since 1993, Tom Burgoyne has donned the Stomper suit, delighting fans with his playful portrayal. As the “best friend” of Stomper, Burgoyne maintains the magic and mystique that makes Stomper an enchanting and beloved figure.

Stomper’s Influence Beyond the Game

Community Connections: Stomper’s Impact on Oakland’s Culture

Stomper has transcended the boundaries of the baseball field, becoming an integral part of Oakland’s cultural fabric. From community events to charitable initiatives, Stomper actively engages with the people of Oakland, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.

Love and Loyalty: The A’s Fans and Their Beloved Mascot

For A’s fans, Stomper is more than just a mascot; it’s a symbol of their unwavering devotion to the team. The boundless love and loyalty fans hold for Stomper mirror the passion they have for the Oakland Athletics, making it a cherished part of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When was Stomper introduced as the mascot of the Oakland Athletics?

Stomper made its debut as the Oakland Athletics’ mascot in 1997.

Who was the original portrayer of Stomper, and who plays the role currently?

David Raymond was the original portrayer of Stomper, and since 1993, Tom Burgoyne has been donning the iconic mascot suit.

What does Stomper’s presence signify after an Oakland A’s victory?

After an Oakland A’s victory, Stomper celebrates with a broom to signify a series sweep.

What is Stomper’s significance to the identity of Oakland?

Stomper embodies the resilient spirit of Oakland, representing the city’s cultural diversity, progressive values, and sense of community.

How has Stomper impacted the community beyond baseball games?

Stomper actively engages with the community through events and charitable initiatives, fostering unity and camaraderie among Oakland residents.


Stomper, the whimsical white elephant, has etched its place in the history of the Oakland Athletics as an enduring symbol of glory, resilience, and community. From its humble genesis in 1997 to becoming an icon that embodies the spirit of Oakland, Stomper has captured the hearts of fans and transcended the boundaries of the baseball field.

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