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SuperPrice Fridge Prices 2022 Updated

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When purchasing new electronic devices, Superprice is a good place to look. They are a well-known company in the country with a very good online Presence

They have quality products from great brands like Samsung, Nasco, Midea, and others; they also have excellent customer support. 

In this article, Georgeweb.org will provide you with Latest Prices of mobile Phone sold at the Superprice online Shop as of 2022. 

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SuperPrice Fridge Price List 

The table below is a list of some Fridges and their prices available on the SuperPrice Online.

Fridge TypePrice
Mikachi MIK – 4500₵705.00
Protech FR – 115₵760.00
Westpool 111 Table Top Fridge₵782.00
Westpoint WRN -1014₵829.00
Delron DF100₵830.00
Delron DF-100 ₵850.00
Icona ILRF-101AA₵882.00
Icona ILRF-1100DD₵899.00
Combo Deal 7: Delron DF-100₵922.00
Protech FR125₵939.00
Delron DRF-96₵940.00
Delron DRF-96₵950.00
Icona ILRF-101 2₵959.00
Icona ILRF-100WD₵999.00
Combo Deal 8₵1,030.00
Nasco NASF2-12s₵1,049.00
Icona ILRF-1000DD₵1,099.00
Combo Deal 5₵1,099.00
Vizio VIZ10-110 ₵1,109.00
MIDEA HS-121₵1,199.00
Nasco NAS-110₵1,199.00
Mikachi MIK-170₵1,219.00
Delron DCF-100₵1,280.00

How to order from Superprice Online Shop

Our post outlines here the steps you must take to order your favorite goods from the Superprice online store from the comfort of your own home.

Contact Details of SuperPrice 

Phone Number: 0800 444 444

Email Address: [email protected]

Address : No.3B Spintex Road, Accra, Ghana

SuperPrice’s website 

The official website of Superprice is https://superprice.com/ 


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