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Franko Phones: Xtigi Price List, Specs & more buy with MTN momo

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FrankoTrading Enterprise is referred to as Ghana’s Best Retail and Wholesale Shop, specialized in high-quality mobile phones and accessories, laptop computers, television sets, and digital cameras.

Franko Phones Contacts

Franko Phones can be reached directly on 0246422338 / 0546133188 / 0265593002 / 0501647166/0555939311

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Email us: online@frankotrading.com

Franko Phones Facebook page

Franko Phones Facebook page can be accessed via the link below


Franko Phones Xtigi Prices

in this article, Georgeweb.org has compiled a list of Xtigi phones for sale on the official website of Franko Trading Enterprise to save you the trouble of going through all of the phones on their online shop.

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The following are the current Xtigi Mobile Phone prices as listed on the official website of Franko Trading Enterprise.

Xtigi Mobile Phones Price
X Tigi A10s (32/3)GHS 545.00
Xtigi A55GHS 360.00
X-TIGI KIDS 8 PRO (32/1)GHS 445.00
X-TIGI HOPE 10 PRO (64/4)GHS 920.00
Xtigi T3307GHS 70.00
Xtigi Q10GHS 130.00
Xtigi TG3308GHS 60.00
Xtigi V12GHS 280.00
Xtigi A20s Pro (64/4)GHS 645.00
Xtigi A20s (32/3)GHS 585.00
Xtigi Hope 7 Max (32/1)GHS 395.00
X-TIGI HOPE 10 PRO (4/32)GHS 880.00
Xtigi V35GHS 160.00
Xtigi V30 MaxGHS 440.00
Xtigi V29 ProGHS 395.00
Xtigi V22 ProGHS 340.00
X Tigi Kids 7 Pro (32/1)GHS 385.00
Xtigi V6GHS 160.00
Xtigi Joy 10 Mate (32/2)GHS 665.00
Xtigi Joy 8 Mate (1/32)GHS 445.00

How to buy Xtigi from Franco Phones online shop

Our guide will show you how to buy an Xtigi Phone quickly and easily from the Franko Trading Enterprise online store and have it delivered to your door.

After purchasing your preferred mobile device from Franco Phones, follow the steps below to pay for it with MTN mobile money.

How to approve Mobile Money payment to Franko Phones

To pay for your Xtigi Phone in the Franko Trading online shop, simply follow these six simple steps:

  • Dial *170#
  • Select Momopay and Pay Bills
  • Choose MomoPay
  • Enter Merchant ID :189480
  • Enter Amount [Please Enter Price of the Xtigi ]
  • Enter Reference , Example Use Phone NAME
  • Authorize Payment and Enter MTN Mobile money Pin
  • Receive E-voucher via SMS

Let us now break down the whole procedure for you.

Step 1: dial the shortcode *170## on your mobile phone using Mtn Mobile Money.

Step 2: A new welcome screen will appear after dialing *170#, Select  option 2 Momopay and Pay Bills

Step3: Choose Option 2 MomoPay and Enter Merchant ID :189480

Step 4: Enter Phone Price

Step 5: Enter Reference, Enter

Step 6: Authorize Payment, You will then be asked to ‘Press 1 to proceed or 0 to cancel’ the transaction.

Source: Georgeweb.org

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