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Best 10 Smartphone brands in Ghana

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According to the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) and the National Communication Authority (NCA) population census conducted in 2020, out of a random sample of residences chosen at random from throughout Ghana’s 16 regions, over 46.1 % had smartphones, compared to 12.8 % who had cellphones. This demonstrates that the number of people in Ghana who use cellphones is growing every year.

People like smartphones because they are has constant connection to the Internet through available mobile networks, people also prefer watching videos on smartphones rather than TV is because they are portable, and faster to use than other electronic devices.

Smartphone brands in Ghana

There are various brands that might be considered the most popular smartphone brands in Ghana, based on the percentage of smartphone users.

Smartphone brands

Georgeweb.org has chosen and reviewed these popular smartphone brands in Ghana in this post based on their social media popularity and observations.

Best 10 Smartphone brands in Ghana

No.Brand Name
2.Apple IPhone

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