The sad tales of Private Schools & their Workers in Ghana

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My wife is a Private school teacher, Since schools were closed on 16th March 2020, they have only been paid 40% of March salary. The staff needed to survive without any seeming help, as well as keep their children busy, in order for the pupils not to forget entirely what they have been taught.

She and some of her colleagues initially started with a WhatsApp platform for their class parents, trying to deliver some contents for their pupils.

It wasn’t too effective as feedbacks were not gotten. They then decided to adopt a different approach. They discussed with parents to sign on to a Distance Learning model, through which the teachers set questions to cover the entire week, for pickup for the children on Mondays.

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The exercises for the previous week are submitted for marking and assessment. This they have done for 7 weeks, this week is the 8th. 
This system at least gave her a little more than half her salary for the 1st month.

She went to school today, as usual, to make available the questions she has set for her pupils. The scene in the school was unusually too active, with Maisons busily working on the campus. 

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The owner of the school had earlier done some touch-up painting, awaiting hopeful reopening in September 2020. The current activity in the school is not further renovation towards January reopening.

The school owner has taken the decision to convert the school blocks into residential facilities for rent. Now, every dream shared by both students and members staff in the walls of the school would have to find fulfilment elsewhere.

So she called me to come and pick her up because she needed to bring her belongings home. Such are the tales of many Private Schools and the workers in them.

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It is so sad that the whole nation has turned a blind eye to the sufferings of Private school staff across the country.

Let’s always remember that God is ALWAYS WATCHING our every step.

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If there is anything you can do as an individual or a group to support a private school worker in need around you, kindly do. God will certainly reward your love and generosity.

Source: Citizen Kwarteng

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