130 thoughts on “WAEC releases 2020 WASSCE results, others cancelled

  1. My comment has to do with the correction of the paper because we observed the suffering everyone went through especially students that were already prepared to sit for the test so,those who correcting the papers should consider some mistakes from the students’ side.Thanks.

  2. Is a lie WAEC wouldn’t announced the date if releasing it professional results.
    No one knows when the results will be released it can tomorrow no one knows

  3. We will be waiting patiently but we the students were frustrated whiles writing the paper because of the pandemic so if you says you are going through the script then you have to consider us.We did our best

  4. Waec do something bcs these exams was more than international match even our school teachers invigilate us as if we were new to them

  5. Eiiiiiii the English I’m reading on here in the comment section is making me wonder how the results would be this year….. Hmmmmm

  6. That’s a nice and a bold step taken by WAEC we are still waiting and praying for a successful results🤩🤩🤩

  7. Thanks a lot for providing us with detailed information and we’re really yearning to see our results with flying colors .

  8. This recent communique is virtually a repetition of the previous ones. It baffles to realise that, in all things, Ghana can never be transparent to its citizens but always full of deceitfulness. From the initials, everyone was prompted the result would come today now is a different narrative all together.However, parents, guardians and their wards are in tenterhooks to see the outcome but have been dissapointed today. Please, we eager to see the results

  9. Please when should we expect our results apparently they’re politicizing it . We are tired and at least waec should give us some information we’ve been waiting for so long . First 45 days then 5th November and still nothing please they should release our result even Nigeria has released theirs

  10. Are the results going to be released after the presidential and parliamentary elections or is it next year? Please update us so that we clear our doubts about waec.

  11. Waec will kill us is too much, it’s almost two months like that and nothing has pop-out concerning the results,in fact sham on you. You are not trustible

  12. I’m not surprised that they keep on postponing wassce release date in Ghana, because I knew they are not trusted. If they do that and change my results 🔥☹️

  13. Infact waec ,u have not been sincere to us. Even Nigeria’s having larger nom of students had even released theirs. Or are u going to use our results for politics, remember it’s our lives

  14. Please georgeweb can you please get us some information form the official you interviewed because He said first week in November and we are in the second week

  15. What a country we live in.i wonder if they are waiting till the election then no student will vote without seeing his or her results.we are tired already all they know is campaigning.Nana Addo should do something for his graduate oo or else things will not go as he expected in this year’s election

  16. It shall be well we should not put our trust in Akufo addo he can’t do anything the only doer is IS THE ALMIGHTY GOD and I know that we are all go to jubilate to praise the almighty God for his powerful miracle upon our life

  17. In fact if this 2020 wassce results is not out ,I am going to campaign massively for Nana to loooòooòoossssss this election, even though, I am one of his votes for now. Is that not nonsense? We started this coming exams before Nigeria and other countries yet we cannot see top why?

  18. We are tired waiting for Ghana wassce 2020 aba why Nana ,even if we have failed you just bring it like that for.us we are those who wrote it aba why?

  19. Guys are you forgotten Ghana is a criminal country. Hmmm waec Ghana you are our fathers and mother’s, but if you don’t release this results u will loose respect. Things are getting out of hands why.

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