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How to Download Videos for Free in 2022 with Free WiFi

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Alot of people use this piece of software as their primary tool. 

Most students have access to free WiFi on campus, which they enjoy using to download whatever film they can find on the internet, whether it is relevant or not.

Internet Download Manager (IDM)

The Internet Download Manager, or IDM for short, is a download manager that can grab any media from a webpage, whether it’s audio or video.

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You can download thousands of videos and music files from streaming websites, anime websites, and YouTube, and the greatest part is that IDM divides your download file into pieces before downloading. As a result, it downloads faster than any other download manager.

If you have free WiFi, take a chance! Get IDM: It is one of the greatest pieces of software available to download videos for free in 2022.

How to download and Install IDM for free

1. In your web browser, go to the Internet Download Manager website.

2. Select the Free Trial of Internet Download Manager option.

3. On your computer, double-click the installer file and run it.

4. Select OK. This will validate your language selection and start the installation process.

5. Click the Next button. This will bring up the licensing agreement for IDM.

6. Check the “I accept the terms” box in the Image labeled Windows10unchecked.png box.

7. Click the Next button.

8. To modify the installation location, click Browse (optional).

9. Uncheck the “Create an icon” box for Image named Windows10regchecked.png (optional).

10. Press the Next button. This confirms that you’re ready to install the software.

11. Click Next once again. This will start the installation of IDM on your PC.

12. Click the Finish button.

Close the installer window by clicking this button after your installation is complete. You may now use IDM to download files in all of your browsers.

13. Finally, Restart your internet browser.

All changes will take effect and you can download videos for free in 2022 with Free WiFi or your subscribed net bundle.

Other Popular Apps to Download Videos for Free

1. Savefromnet

2. Getvid

These are popular extentions used to download videos for free online.

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