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Alu Learn: How to access the ALU virtual learning platform.

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There have been a few changes when it comes to the learning portal. The website designed initially for e-learning is learn.alueducation.com. By going to this website, you can either sign up for a new account using your school email information or sign in if you have an existing account on the platform. Since the start of the pandemic, e-learning has been moved to the Canvas platform, which all students have been given access to by the school.

Once you visit canvas.com, it requires your school email and a password to immediately access the platform’s content. E-learning has been one of the critical parts of education here at ALU. There has been consistency in providing easily accessible content on both of their e-learning platforms. The online learning platform is a virtual learning environment that provides you with several resources that have been created to engage learners and promote collaborative, student-centered learning. 

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To use the online learning platform, you will need access to the internet. You can use any modern web browser to access the platform; however, personally, I always

recommend running the program on google chrome as it is a more advanced browser, and it also saves your tabs to prevent loss of progress on your schoolwork. Course reading that aids learning would sometimes be attached as a pdf document that will only open in Adobe Reader, so you need to ensure that it is installed on your computer/device. Once you have logged in using your email and password, details of the course(s) on which you are enrolled will appear on your home page.

Credit:  ALU Education Website

If you click on the name of your system, you will be taken to the home page for this course, which contains all of the materials and facilities you will need for the term. Each student has their profile on the online learning platform that can be customised. Once you have logged in, you can edit your profile as this will allow you to personalise your learning environment, and I also like to change my password to one I can easily remember as you start with a password chosen by the school. 

The course forum is an online discussion forum where you can post queries for the course tutor and other students on your course. The platform is available under each week’s course content for your system. As sometimes the course facilitator will post any announcements regarding the course in the forum and other students also ask questions relating to that week’s content, you must check it regularly.

You can also use the platform to start discussions on topics relevant to your course. You might find that you can benefit from the knowledge of others and answer another student’s question. There is also a dashboard tab that allows you to check what assignments you have to work on, their deadlines and which ones carry the most grades. 

ALUs Intuitive eLearning software has provided students with an engaging, fun and interactive experience that is not always present in traditional learning methods. ALU learn platform creates a rich learning experience that simulates a classroom environment where the student and facilitators can interact, have questions and answers, discuss, play educational games, have quizzes, and allow collaborative projects among students in peer groups four to five people. Facilitators can use different content formats, such as videos, pdf documents and PowerPoint presentations on the platform. 

Source: Georgeweb.org

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