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Tips: 17 known benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Olive oil is beneficially safe when used in the right volume, which means if you use 14% of total daily calories it is beneficial. 

Olive oil protects you from many mental illnesses, including depression, Alzheimer’s. Extra-virgin olive oil preserves memory and is also helpful for cell membranes. 

17 known benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1. Glows your face

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Olive oil is useful for the skin because of its cancer prevention agent property. It likewise contains nutrients A, D, E and K and sustains the skin.

It makes skin glowing and well moisturized


  1. Take 1 teaspoon of Olive oil in your palm.
  2. Back rub well on the face utilizing your fingertips.
  3. Use it consistently for a characteristic sparkle on the face.
  4. Control maturing

Standard use of Olive oil can assist with battling maturing. Olive oil has polyphenols and nutrients E and K with a solid cell reinforcement property. It shields the skin from untimely skin maturing by decreasing barely recognizable differences and wrinkles.


  1. Take 1 teaspoon of Olive oil in your palm.
  2. Back rub well on the face utilizing your fingertips.
  3. Use it consistently for a characteristic sparkle on the face.
  4. Control maturing

2. Diminishes irritation and dryness in Eczema and Psoriasis

Olive oil has calming and immunomodulatory properties. It assists with diminishing skin rash and dryness related to dermatitis and psoriasis.

3. Diminishes dryness and fuzziness in the hair

It also gives a good texture to the hair


  1. Take 2–3 teaspoon Olive oil and 2 teaspoon Coconut oil.
  2. Blend well and warm the combination a little.
  3. Apply this on scalp and hair and keep it short-term.
  4. Wash with cleanser the following day.

4. Relaxes the nerves

Extra virgin Olive oil when heated relaxes the nerves when applied on scalp or skin. A good massage with pre-heat oil helps in blood circulation.


  1. Place 3- teaspoons in a plastic container
  2. Heat in hot water for about 2mins
  3. Apply this on scalp and hair and keep it short-term.
  4. Wash with cleanser the following day.

5. Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant agent

Olive oil is a great soothing agent as it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants in it.

Persistent irritation is believed to be a main driver of illnesses, like malignancy, coronary illness, metabolic condition, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, joint inflammation and even heftiness. Extra-virgin olive oil can diminish aggravation, which might be one of the primary explanations behind its medical advantages.


  • olive oil + sugar it works as the beat exfoliatr and the moisturiser with the utmost glow
  • olive oil to lips and under eyes give healty nutrition and recovers from eye bags and dark circles
  • apply some olive oil to the damp hair ends and see the magic of dry hair ends transforming into silky smooth fibres
  • it also helps in hair growth

6. Skin cleansing

Olive oil helps you to remove all the dirt and makeup on the skin. Check out Skin Cleansing 101 by West Lake Dermatology. Olive oil is one secret behind a good skincare routine.


  1. Take 1 teaspoon of Olive oil in your palm.
  2. Rub well on the face with your fingertips.
  3. Use it consistently especially in the night before you sleep
  4. Wash it off with a shower the next morning

7. Olive Oil May Help Prevent Strokes

Stroke is caused by a disturbance of blood flow to your brain, either due to a blood clot or bleeding. In developed nations, stroke is the second most common cause of death, right behind heart disease. The relationship between olive oil and stroke risk has been studied extensively.

8. Olive Oil Is Protective Against Heart Disease

Heart disease is the most common cause of death in the world. Extensive research on the Mediterranean diet, has been shown to significantly reduce heart disease risk. The diet contains alot of unsaturated fats such as Olive oil

9. Protects against insulin resistance

Extra virgin olive oil contains nutrients vitamin K, which is another fat-soluble nutrient that has its most noteworthy impact on the blood.

It is vital for sound coagulation and the degrees of calcium in the blood. One tablespoon of olive oil a day will fill 10% of the day by day suggested intake of Vitamin K, and can help secure against insulin obstruction and a few other diseases like cancer.

10. Aids development of blood cholesterol levels

Olive oil brings down the degrees of all-out blood cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and fatty oils. LDL cholesterol is the awful sort of cholesterol, which expands the danger of coronary episodes and pneumonic coronary illness. Additional virgin olive oil, which is wealthy in right around 40 cancer prevention agent synthetic compounds, diminishes the oxidation impacts of LDL cholesterol.

11. Aids weight reduction

Albeit high in calories, olive oil has been displayed to assist with decreasing degrees of heftiness. Clinical specialists propose that it is truly challenging to put on weight from the mono-unsaturated fats present in olive oil. Examinations including Mediterranean olive oil have shown positive outcomes with respect to a decrease in human body weight.

12. Boosts metabolism

Olive oil helps digestion, the development of good bone construction, and mental health in youngsters. It is an amazing wellspring of nutrient E, which is extremely valuable for more seasoned individuals.

13. Improves distion

Olive oil is known to support stomach-related interaction. It is utilized as a therapeutic oil to clean the gastrointestinal system and to further develop defecations.

14. Fortifies solid cell dividers

Olive oil contains polyphenol which helps in more grounded cell dividers. It likewise expands the flexibility of blood vessel dividers, ensuring against different heart conditions

15. Ensures against hypertension

Ongoing examination study proposes that the Mediterranean eating routine including food wealthy in unsaturated fats (found in olive oil and nuts) and nitrite and nitrate (found in verdant green vegetables) may assist with shielding you from hypertension

16. Battles mind-set problems and melancholy

Solid fats, including olive oil, have chemical adjusting, mitigating impacts that can forestall synapse brokenness. Low-fat eating regimens are frequently connected to higher paces of misery and tension. Temperament or intellectual issues can happen when the cerebrum doesn’t get adequately “cheerful chemicals” like serotonin or dopamine, significant compound couriers that are essential for disposition guidelines, getting great rest and thought-handling.

17. Decreases hypertension

Late examinations show that the customary utilization of olive oil can assist with diminishing both systolic and diastolic pulse.

We are just barely starting to comprehend the endless ways olive oil can work on our wellbeing and our lives.

10 health benefits of Infused olive oil

1. Prevents strokes.

2. Prevents liver from oxidative stress.

3. Prevents depression.

4. Prevents acute pancreatitis.

5. Prevents high levels of cholesterol.

6. Prevents heart diseases.

7. Prevents fat and maintains weight.

8. Prevents brain diseases.

9. Prevents cardiovascular diseases.

10. Prevents ulcerative colitis.

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