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The New Top 10 Richest People in New Zealand.

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The New Top 10 Richest People in New Zealand.

New Zealand is one of the most expensive countries, so it might come as no surprise that it’s home to some of the world’s mega-rich. Of the 2,755 wealthiest people on the Forbes 2021 list, 2 of them are Kiwis. Many of these elite figures belong to famously wealthy Kiwis families who have run multinational companies for generations.

Ranking 14th in the 2019 Human Development Index and third in the 2020 Economic Freedom Index, New Zealand has a developed market economy. With a nominal (GPD) per capita of US$36,254, it has a high-income economy. Their currency is the “Kiwi dollar”.

Since the beginning of time, this great nation has been able to catapult into being the greatest in the industries that make a country grow. Impeccable individuals from New Zealand have created corporations, industries, franchises, and have undertaken humanitarian purposes to capture the minds of the world.

In today’s article, we will take a look at the top 10 richest people in New Zealand that have created their wealth through creating employment and rising above the challenges to be who they are now according to Forbes

Without wasting much time let’s dive in.

Rank Name of PersonalityEstimated Net Worth
#1Graeme Hart$11b
#2Todd family$4.3b
#3Goodman family $3.1b
#4Mowbray family$2.5b
#5Michael Friedlander$2b
#6Rod Drury$1.95b
#7Talley family$1.2b
#8Bob Jones$1.1b
#9Bruce Plested $1.02b
#10Jim and Rosemari Delegat$1.01b
The New Top 10 Richest People in New Zealand

Graeme Hart

Graeme always wants to keep a low profile and is sometimes referred to as the undercover billionaire. He owns houses in Auckland and Waiheke Island in New Zealand. He has a need to buy out underperforming companies with steady cash flows which can be better managed through better cash management, cost-cutting, and restructuring with other entities. That’s how he has made his wealth and his largest acquisition to date is Alcoa’s Packaging and Consumer group in 2008.

Todd Family

The Todd Corporation is owned by the Todd Family, a large private New Zealand corporation with a value of $4.3 billion. The corporation assemblies a wide range of cars, light and heavyweight commercial vehicles as well. They have interests in extracting and refining petroleum products like kerosene, diesel fuel, and gasoline.

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