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The New Top 10 Richest People in Brazil.

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The New Top 10 Richest People in Brazil.

Brazil is one of the most expensive countries, so it might come as no surprise that it’s home to some of the world’s mega-rich. Of the 2,755 wealthiest people on the Forbes 2021 list, 65 of them are Brazilians. Many of these elite figures belong to famously wealthy Brazillian families who have run multinational companies for generations.

Brazil is the largest national economy in Latin America, the world’s ninth-largest economy, and the eighth largest in purchasing power parity (PPP) according to 2018 estimates. Brazil has a mixed economy with abundant natural resources. 

Since the beginning of time, this great nation has been able to catapult into being the greatest in the industries that make a country grow. Impeccable individuals from Brazil have created corporations, industries, franchises, and have undertaken humanitarian purposes to capture the minds of the world.

In today’s article, we will take a look at the top 10 richest people in Brazil that have created their wealth through creating employment and rising above the challenges to be who they are now according to Forbes

Without wasting much time let’s dive in.

Rank Name of PersonalityEstimated Net Worth
#1Jorge Paulo Lemann$16.8 billion
#2Eduardo Saverin$14.6 billion
#3Marcel Herrmann Telles$11.5 billion
#4Jorge Moll Filho$11.3 billion
#5Carlos Alberto Sicupira$8.7 billion
#6Alex Behring$7 billion
#7Dulce Pugliese de Godoy Bueno$6 billion
#8Alceu Elias Feldmann$5.4 billion
#9Luiza Helena Trajano$5.3 billion
#10 Luis Frias $4.6 billion
The New Top 10 Richest People in Brazil

Below is a short bio on the first two richest people in Brazil

Jorge Paulo Lemann

An investment banker, Jorge Paulo Lemann is the richest man in Brazil. He is also a controlling shareholder of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer. He also owns shares in Burger King’s parent company, Restaurant Brands International with billionaire partners Carlos Sicupira and Marcel Herrmann Telles.

Eduardo Saverin

Co-founder of Facebook with his college roommate Mark Zuckerberg. He enjoys his share in the company. He is also the founder of B Capital firm. He left Facebook in 2010 when his relationship with Mark turned sour but still has 53 million shares which at the time was around $2 billion but has increased over time.

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