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The New Top 10 Richest People in Israel.

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The New Top 10 Richest People in Israel.

Israel is one of the most expensive countries, so it might come as no surprise that it’s home to some of the world’s mega-rich. Of the 2,755 wealthiest people on the Forbes 2021 list, 17 of them are Israelis. Many of these elite figures belong to famously wealthy Israeli families who have run multinational companies for generations.

Israel is considered the most advanced country in Western Asia and the Middle East in economic and industrial development. Israel’s quality university education and the establishment of a highly motivated and educated populace are largely responsible for spurring the country’s high technology boom and rapid economic development.

Since the beginning of time, this great nation has been able to catapult into being the greatest in the industries that make a country grow. Impeccable individuals from Israel have created corporations, industries, franchises, and have undertaken humanitarian purposes to capture the minds of the world.

In today’s article, we will take a look at the top 10 richest people in Israel that have created their wealth through creating employment and rising above the challenges to be who they are now according to Forbes

Without wasting much time let’s dive in.

Rank Name of PersonalityEstimated Net Worth
#1Eyal Ofer$11.1 Billion
#2Stef Wertheimer$6.2 Billion
#3Idan Ofer$6.1 Billion
#4Teddy Sagi $5.2 Billion
#5Yuri Milner$4.8 Billion
#6Shari Arison$4.4 Billion
#7Shaul Shani$3.8 Billion
#8Naomi Alauof-Azrieli $3.8 Billion
#9Arnon Milchan $3.4 Billion
#10Gil Shwed $3 Billion
The New Top 10 Richest People in Israel

Below is a short bio on the first two richest people in Israel

Eyal Ofer

Eyal Ofer took over the family business when his father passed away, expanding the company’s holdings significantly. As the Chairman of Monaco-based Ofer Global, his interests include shipping, real estate, technology, banking, and investment. He has numerous properties in Manhattan via Global Holdings and through the Zodiac group which operates over 160 ships.

Stef Wertheimer

Stef Wertheimer is the second richest person in Israel. He started his company ISCAR, a small metal shop and tool-making company in his backyard in 1952. The company instantly became a success and it’s one of the leading manufacturers of carbide industrial-cutting tools. As he retires from business, he has shifted his focus on maintaining peace in the Middle East

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