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Top 5 websites to get your poultry equipment in Ghana

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Wondering how to cut down costs in buying poultry equipment to equip your poultry farm? Worry no more as we will take you through ten websites in Ghana to purchase your products at a lower price.

Top 5 Ghanaian websites to get your poultry equipment

Poultry ABC

Poultry ABC Shop offers the most competitive prices in the industry. Affordable feeders for all ages, from poultry drinkers to feeders for all ages (that is brooding to growers), and also all other poultry equipment you will need on your farm via their online shop.

What makes Poultry ABC different from other websites?

Poultry ABC offers technical advice as well as “how-to” articles to help you along your poultry adventure. Their items are high-quality and last a long, making them ideal for your business.

In addition, beginners in the poultry industry also benefit from their free technical daily posts on poultry and agriculture in general. Poultry ABC markets its products on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Poultinn provides Day Old Chicks, Equipment, Veterinary Supplements from major brands, and Hatcheries in and outside of Ghana, as well as poultry farming training and consultancy. They also sell livestock care goods.


Since 1975, AFMAH Pvt Ltd, situated in Lahore (Pakistan), has been engaged in the production and exporting of Veterinary/Surgical Instruments, Agriculture Machinery, Tractors, Agriculture Implements, and Accessories.


CONNECT is a poultry and livestock packaging solution provider with modern poultry processing systems, rendering plant systems, meat and farming industries. Their brand, CONNECT, is well-known and well-liked by clients all around the world. They provide turnkey projects to suit our customers’ full project requirements. All items are made in accordance with EU norms and the highest international quality standards.

Akoko Market

Akoko market serves farmers’ general equipment of which poultry equipment are not left out. One innovative company is on the rise to change the status-quo of e-commercing. They make marketing accessible through USSD code dialing on phones using the short code *713*83#.

Akoko market owns a mobile platform that accepts both buyers and sellers onto its market space for all products and equipment of agricultural relevance.

Ghana is a developing country as we know, however, it is sometimes difficult to access poultry equipment or general agriculture devices if you don’t have a local shop in your neighborhood. Taking advantage of the digital space, these top 5 websites in Ghana have invested in online digital marketing space to make products accessible to all across the nation.

Ghana’s poultry industry has a lot of potentials to improve the country’s economic situation. As a result, the youth should not be excluded from nation-building efforts. Poultry ABC continues to empower the youth in its community through agriculture while also providing consulting services to its farmers. This is yet another reason to help Poultry ABC by purchasing their products, as it is a generous way to support the organization’s efforts to empower young people in agriculture.

Youth in agriculture, particularly in Ghana, lack access to information, but Poultry ABC’s concept offers a far better method to ignite passion in agriculture in Ghana.

Source: Georgeweb.org

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