1 thought on “COVID-19: ‘Pharaoh, allow the children to go home!’ – Manasseh to Akufo-Addo

  1. The president must allow those in the boarding house in fact all Sch must be shut down coz the students are suffering , feeding is a problem Even protecting themselves is a problem,so Mr President assuming ur ward was to be a final yr student in shs amidst the covid 19,will u allow her be in Sch ,no,see some final yr student are their only child of their parents oo,maybe in the house the mother will take proper care of him or her but here lies the case dat u have sent them to Sch to face the virus coz,some teachers don’t come to class ,some leave sick student to die ,ahhhh y president,let them come home coz they not writing this yr won’t be a problem than they contracting the virus and also dying ,plz let them come home,i Even wonder if after writing the paper,th will move to the next class,let them come home ooo,no matter if ur child is not part but the citizens u claim u are protecting are facing this virus oo,put ur self in their shoes and make them come home,i wish I could talk to u ,Mr President personally

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