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NSMQ21; What a comeback as KNUST SHS calms the BLEOOO boys out of the competition

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The first contest of the final day of the Quarterfinal stage which was also the 7th contest of the stage, featured Accra Academy, Ola SHS, Ho and KNUST SHS. It begun as a keen contest where all 3 schools were in close range points with each other at the rend of Round !.

An impressive speed race by KNUST SHS saw them bypass Accra Academy to take the lead in the fits position as they led them with 2 points. Ola SHS didnt seem far bweehind as well and was still finding a a way to get back in to the game.

Accra Academy bounced back into the lead in the 3rd Round as they grabbed a perfect score of 10/10 together with Ola SHS esrning them the award of the NSMQ Prudential Star. KNUST SHS though slacked with their points in this round as they grabbed 5pts. Accra Academy was now in the lead 3pts away from KNUST SHS. It was still anyone’s game at this point.

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The round 4 maintained the scores as both KNUST SHS and Accra Academy both got 6/8 questions right in the round with Ola getting 5/8. All was going to be decided in the last round.

And indeed the comeback was completed as KNUST SHS picked up 2 riddles in the last round to win the contest! A thrilling moment it was in the auditorium when Accra Academy got the last riddle wrong which secured the win, the crowd went wild!

Congratulations to KNUST SHS on emerging the winners of this contest and qualifying to the Semi Finals stage of the competition which is their first ever of the competition. An impressive work done. Hard luck to Accra Academy and Ola SHS next time.

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