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#NSMQ21: The LIONS of TAMALE SHS have found a favorite meal on Zebra ADISCO and Antelope KUMACA

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The final contest of the day 2 of the Quarterfinal stage which was also the 6th contest of the stage was a brilliant contest as all 3 schools showed prowress intelligence as to why they made it to this stage. It was indeed a keen contest but one person had to be the winner at the end. The contest begun with Tamale SHS taking the lead on the first round with 30 points, 6 points away from Adisadel College.

The speed race was exciting as Adisadel College was struggling to make ends meet on this round. Tamale SHS on the other improved on their scores as they opened the gap wider to a whooping 14pts whiles Kumasi Academy and Adisadel College were just 2 points apart.

The round 3 saw Tamale still in the lead as they amassed the same points with Adisadel College but no points scored for Kumasi Academy. On to round 4 was again a bad one for Adisadel College as today was just not Prince’s day. Kumaca came to surpass them and Tamale extended the lead to the second team to 20pts.

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Congratulations to Tamale SHS once again. Hard luck to Kumasi Academy and Adisadel College especially as this will be the first time in 6 years they dont make it past the Quarter final stage of the competition.

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